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Tropical House Logic Pro Template

Get blissed out and lose yourself within this immersive Tropical House production template for Logic Pro X. If artists like Kygo, Thomas Jack and Robin Schulz inspire you to make music, then this template is for you! It’s one great Tropical House Music track too! Download the Tropical House Template for Logic Pro X here.

This DAW template covers production techniques including EQ, bus mixing, compression, reverb & delay busses, automation and more. Everything you need to open the template is contained within the download folder and as this Tropical House Template For Logic Pro has been constructed using only Logic Pro X’s built-in instruments and plugins: absolutely no third party content is required!

Important Note: Please keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new Logic X Template for Tropical House Music Production.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

More Information about this Logic Template:

• Format: DAW Template
• 1 Apple Logic Pro X Project
• All Sounds & Samples Incl.
• Complete Arrangement
• Requires Apple Logic X
• No 3rd Party Plugins Required

• 100% Royalty Free
• Instant Download
• Download Size: 77 MB

Download The Logic Pro X Template here.



logic pro x mastering

Mastering is a vital part of music production, used to ensure that your track is as loud and punchy as other tracks in the genre that you’re producing. If you’re sending your productions to Club or Radio DJ’s you need to ensure that when they’re played they are not audibly quieter that the other tracks they are competing with, this will ultimately lead to DJ’s favouring mastered tracks ahead of yours. It’s a well-known fact that the loudest song on a dance floor will have a stronger reaction from people. There is nothing worse for a DJ that to have to turn up the gain control on a mixer when your track is played to ensure the energy level on his or her mix doesn’t start to lose momentum.  Download the Logic Pro X Mastering Templates here. Price £19.99 GBP.

JF Productions brings you an all in one mastering template for Logic X. The template comes in 2 versions, one version utilizes Apple Logic Pro X’s own exceptional plugin suite, so no third party plugins are required. The other version included in the download uses the world renowned, industry standard Waves plugins, used by giants of the music production world.

Inside the download you’ll find an explanation of each of the plug-ins used in the chain and how they affect the mix. Each template is set up ready for your pre-master to be slotted in, simply change the settings to suit your mix. There is also a pre-master track set up on teach template, so copy your audio to both and you can A and B between them to hear the difference during the mastering process. A PDF mastering guide is also included in the download explaining some basic mastering theory, and how to use the controls of the selected mastering plugins used in the projects. Get your sound right first time using these Logic X Mastering Tools.


We’ve got an extra special deal on this week! Get every volume of our tried and tested ‘DMS Trance Construction For Logic Pro’ series for only £4.99 per volume! Download the Logic Pro Trance Templates here. 

You can also grab all 7 volumes in the series for only £19.99!  Hurry, offer ends 31st March 2016!

• Fully Compatible with Apple Logic 8, 9 & X
• 7 Complete Logic Songs
• No Additional Plugins Needed


Download the latest Psytrance Basses for Logic Pro X! We’ve converted 40 multi-sampled basses from our best selling Psy Bass SoundFont collection for Logic Pro X users, complete with plenty of bonus content to get your Psychedelic production ears into! Download the Psytrance Basses for Logic Pro X here.

We’ve sampled our favourite Psy basses and added them to our demo track, complete with full processing using only Logic’s built in plugin suite. Loaded into Logic’s EXS24 Sampler these basses are a force to be reckoned with – check out our demo track (included in the download with all sounds) to get an idea of how you could use these great Psytrance bass sounds and basslines in your own productions.

Bonus Content: Not to be out-done we’ve also included plenty of bonus samples and MIDI loops so that you can get to work on your own Psytrance anthems straight away. We’ve also included all 40 basses as SoundFonts should you wish to add them to your Logic Sampler Instruments folder for instant use in other productions. From Progressive to Full On and Pure Psychedelic these sounds have you covered.

Please Note: This pack requires Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.1.



SPECIAL PRICE THIS WEEK ONLY! ‘Progressive Trance & Psy for Logic Pro X Vol 1’ brings you an exploration into deep, progressive trance production with a Progressive Psy flavour! Featuring a chunky bassline and clean Euro style riff reminiscent of Classic Trance this track combines elements from multiple genres. Featuring fully editable MIDI regions for all parts including percussion this project is simple to edit and remix making use of Logic Pro X’s own amazing plugin suite including Ultrabeat, ESM, Retrosynth, ES2 & EXS24 instruments. Check out this genre-hopping Logic Pro X template today! DOWNLOAD THE LOGIC X TEMPLATE HERE.

This project is simply laid out and uses basic production techniques that illustrate how to program, arrange and mix a complete production. No 3rd party plugins have been used in this project. The download folder contains all of the elements that you’ll need to open this tune in Logic Pro X and get to work learning straight away how to put together tacks using Logic straight away. Simply unzip your download, click the Logic project file and you’re away!

You’re free to edit and re-arrange this track royalty free, meaning that you can use it as a template for a new production, add your own musical elements, remix and much more! Of course you can also use the instruments and sounds created for this template in your own tracks too!

JF-FUTURE-HOUSE-LOGIC-X-VOL-1-FACEBOOK-POSTDownload the Logic X Templates here.

JF Productions bring you another club slamming template inspired by some of the biggest EDM names around. This template makes use of Logic’s own synths and sounds, so no 3rd party plugins are required. There are no audio files in the arrangement page, all sounds are from Logic’s own synths or are loaded into EXS24 samplers, making them easy to use across different projects. Since this project uses only MIDI regions it’s easy to edit each and every part of the project.

All sounds have been grouped to make your workflow easier. There are folders for Drums, Leads, Pads, Bass and FX! All you have to do is simply launch the template and let your creativity run wild! Logic Instruments used in this template include: ES1, ES2, ESM, ESP, EXS24, Retro Synth.

Note: This template requires Apple Logic X 10.2.0 or higher, it is not compatible with older versions of Logic.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.



Get 5 all new Progressive Psytrance groove ideas for Logic 8, 9 and X! This download features 5 song starter ideas ready for you to sink those production hungry teeth into! These Logic Pro kits use EXS24 instruments to give you playable basses and synth parts where possible. If we’ve had to bounce a complicated sequence we’ve chopped them into EXS24 Sampler Instruments using Recycle! so that you can easily rearrange these parts with the flexibility of MIDI editing. Download the Logic Templates here.

These projects require no 3rd party plugins, we believe that Logic’s own plugin suite is powerful enough to illustrate just how to put together grooves on their own. All that you need to load up, edit and explore these grooves is Logic Pro 8, 9 or X. We’ve created versions of each project optimised for each Logic version too, so you know that the templates will work perfectly with your setup.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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DAW Templates

What are DAW Templates? DAW’s or Digital Audio Workstation’s are the software centerpiece of today’s recordings. Controlling everything from MIDI sequencing for hardware synthesizers and hosting powerful VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin effects and soft-synths as well as mixing duties many electronic composition based musicians too. Browse through our DAW Templates right here!



Although the phrase ‘DAW Template’ has been hijacked from the conventional terminology of specific DAW manufacturers ( who often provide project template for recording, mixing, editing or mastering),  essentially a DAW template is a single composition laid out for use in a specific DAW. For example in one download you’d receive the parts for one entire song or tune, laid out for use in the chosen DAW such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Reason etc.

 Why use DAW Templates? Not only do templates give you access to a great sounding track and mixdown, they give you insight into professional techniques, and quite often all sounds are created either with sampled audio loops, or entirely with a DAW’s built in (native) plugin suite – so no third party synths or effects are required – you can simply download the pack, unzip and open in your software to explore the track. The fun doesn’t stop there though – why not use these tracks as a base for your next production? So you’ll get one complete tune, showing you exactly how sounds are made and tracks are mixed together with FX, auxiliary channels (often used for FX and bus / group mixing) along with professional workflow advice. Effectively if you’d like to know how a particular style of tune is put together DAW templates are your ticket to an easy ride!  Browse through our DAW Templates right here!

Why get your DAW Templates from We’ve got a fantastic variety of project files that have been vetted by our Pro’s here at DMS to ensure that you get quality over quantity, and that every music production template that you download from us is fully supported both my our dedicated support team and by the templates manufacturer if it’s been provided to us by one of our label partners. Take a browse through our DAW Templates today!

Download the Logic Template Here


We’ve put together a mini pack for Logic users who want to make Psytrance, using the ES1 synth to create 5 Psy basses along with a project to illustrate how to use them in practice. The project features side-chain compression to show you how to easily get that pumping Psy bass sound along with synthetic textures and acid grooves you’ll hear in the demo track. We’ve also written a melodic Goa style psychedelic riff to finish off the project. Download the Logic Template Here

Everything you hear in the demo is included in the download, so all you need to take advantage of this project is the full version of Logic 8, 9 or X. We’ve included projects optimised for each Logic version. We’ve also included a bare bones loop project for you to build into your own Psy tracks.

Logic’s ES1 virtual analogue synth is a great sounding and often overlooked tool in Logic’s growing plugin suite. Sound On Sound Magazine favourable compared it’s filter characteristics to that of a roland SH-101 or ARP Axxe and it’s certainly capable of some great analogue tones from solid basses to squelching acid synths. We’ve put it to the test with 5 tight Psychedelic Trance basses designed to cut through your mix!

This fantastic learning tool will help you delve deep into Logic’s powerful synths, sampler and FX suite whilst gaining insight into how to mix and pre-master a Psy groove.


UK Freeform producer K-Complex explores the golden era of Freeform production in the early to mid 2000’s in this spectacular Logic project featuring a complete track from the studio wizard himself. Using authentic sounds combined with new production values and of course that trademark K-Complex sound, this track explores all of the production elements that make up a banging UK Freeform track. The track makes use of Logic’s EXS24 sampler, ESM, ES1 and ES2 synth and includes many classic K-Complex samples and presets used in many of his classic tunes. Featuring a chunky Freeform bass, twisting acid line and soaring lead arpeggio this track emulates K-Complex’s early work on Nu Energy Recordings, Bonkerz and Stompin Tunes along with many other key labels of the day.

This Logic project requires no 3rd party plugins, all you need the full version of Logic 8, 9 or X – with files optimised for each version are included in the download. All samples, presets are built into the project, simply open Logic and load up the project file! Import guide included in the download. Theis fantastic learning tool will help you delve deep into Logic’s powerful synths, sampler and FX suite whilst gaining insight into how to mix and pre-master a complete UK Freeform track.

Royalty Free: This track is entirely royalty free, you’re free to use it as a learning tool to explore production techniques, use it as a base for your own productions or remix it into your own unique Freeform groove.

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Apple Logic X Template